Lady looking at robin red breast
Lady checking out the bird.

     We develop our habits both good and then bad,

     and sometimes these habits undo us.

     When we try and can’t do it, we become very sad,

     Our partner looks at us with askance

     We try again with our best interests at heart,

Though friends look with a jaded glance.

You know they are thinking, he’s not very smart,

We may just as well say goodby.

“Your lungs are very damaged,” the doctor imparts,

you listen and laugh and say, “Why me?”

“I’ve told you the reason and I’m saying it again,

Once again, what will be, will be.”

4 thoughts on “IT’S A HABIT!

  1. The poem starts off as a rather light-hearted piece, but then it grows a bit more serious and intriguing. I’m still not sure what I make of the last few lines – which is a sign of good poetry, to make the reader think!


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