The Street that leads to the ocean.

California St.-looking down towards the ocean.


Took a picture of California St., which is kind of a main drag in our small town.  It’s a popular street because it leads to the Pacific ocean.  I am on a hill looking down and across Main St. continuing down to the ocean.  You have to look closely to see the patch of blue between two palm trees.  It’s the end of the street and the beginning of the ocean.  There’s an old wooden pier off the Promenade there, which has been reconstructed several times due to severe and damaging storms over the years.   We are between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Probably should have taken the picture earlier in the day as there are too many shadows.  It was three o’clock when I took it.   Feedback and critiques are welcome.

I cropped out the plants that were in the foreground.