Ocean waves

I live close to the ocean

I’m happy I must say

It’s colors are breathtaking

Over each and every day.

Sometimes it’s a greenish or again it’s a blue

When the waves crash the color is white

Seagulls come out to play for a while

Sometimes they do start a fight.

I used to walk the few blocks to go

To the ocean so close to me

But now I find my feet slowing down

So I doze now in my reverie.


I did the Prompt: Landscape

I did (I think) the Device  Enumeratio

Not enough time to do the Form:  Found Poetry

I will try it another time.

Thanks for your comments and feedback.


  1. I enjoyed the imagery. I’ve never lived near the ocean, but I’ve spent some time at the beach in Minnesota lakes country. Never tire of watching the birds hovering in the air or come streaming out of their nests along the road where hills have been cut sheer to make room for the winding road. The colors are the same. It’s nice to remember. Thank you!


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