Mother with Anna
Mother with Anna

She was a simple lady

A simple lady was she

Kind to all who knew her

Her name was Kate.


She was an Irish woman

Cooked up a stew in a flash

She cooked up a stew

Her name was Kate.


No one bossed her

No one crossed her

Her man did try

He was sorry that day.


The family came first

Of girls there were four

She took care of her family

No more than four.


She worked and she scrubbed

To bring home the bacon

And when she was done

All her bones were aching.


Her man was no good

Refusing to work

He sat in the chair

Acting just like a jerk.


One night she decided

To kick him right out

It did not go well

He hit her in the snout.

She told him to go

And he did refuse

She struck his head

Until he got the news.

When he was gone

The happiness reigned

Their life once more

Was not a bit strained.