A few of the things I will be doing on my Blog this month!

It’s February 2nd and Pax Phil, couldn’t spell that name to save my soul, has seen his shadow so that means we or they have six more months of Winter! I don’t think that applies to us here in California with mostly good to great weather, except for those pesky earthquakes and monsoonal rains where those mudslides start our houses moving ya know. And the fires in the Fall which have extended into almost any time of the year. And oh yeah, the El Nino is upon us now but so far so good. So other than that, we have beautiful weather if you can stand the suspense.

But I digress, I was going to give all my Followers out there and whomever else is interested, an idea of what I will be blogging about for the next month or so. I will be telling stories both short and long, but not everyday as I had been doing, but once or maybe twice a week. Also, I have joined up with a Reading Group and will be reading at least six books, probably more for 2015 and then blogging about them. So that should be interesting especially given the fact that we have to pick an author from a different continent for each book. So good luck to me on that eh?

Then thirdly, I will be posting some photos I have and will be taking over the next months. You may see my two cats in there in several of their many poses, mostly sleeping or napping since that’s mostly what they do. Hoping I am not doing too much but we will soon see. I promise to keep it interesting for all of you out there who may be interested. Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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