A One Time Blogging Event – 2015

Cultivate for Illo FridayToday’s lesson/challenge from Blogging 101 is to choose one Blog Event from the Community Event Listings. I chose a One Time Event called Around the World Reading Event Challenge.

You have to read at least six books in 2015. The author has to be one from every Continent and then do a blog about each of the books. I am interested and excited to be joining a community of like-minded people who love to read. I love to read and could not even remember the number of books I have read over the years. I mostly get my books from the library or the Friends of the Library Bookstore in the library. Otherwise I could not afford all the books.

Remembering the stories, titles and authors is something else again. Unless I have read the book more than once (sometimes I do this) or for some reason the book has made a lasting impression on me, I will not remember the book. I think joining this community and then blogging about the book will help me remember the stories. It is nice to be able to discuss the book with friends if they are interested.

So I am happy and looking forward to this challenge. Happy reading everyone!

4 thoughts on “A One Time Blogging Event – 2015

    1. Not sure how I will select the books. Maybe talk to one of the librarians at the library in town where I get most of my books. Do you have any ideas about how you will select your books?

      Thanks for the comments.


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