To Use The Prompt or Not Use the Prompt? That is The Question!

The prompts are very useful but sometimes they just don’t click or give you any ideas for a post. Then it is best to just go about your business and do a post on something that blows up your skirt or pants, whatever you happen to be wearing at the time. I would say for me the prompts sometimes give me an idea and I can roll with it, with no problem; then I just type like a demon. Then again, which is usually the case, I go with my own ideas and I find that usually I start typing and either do something that I think is good, or other times I have a problem coming up with ideas and struggle and maybe just give up or produce something that I think is crap. Of course it helps to be in the Zone and when that happens I can go on and on forever it seems and it all feels good. We all know how that feels.

Even with non fiction which I have been doing lately, I think it is mostly depending on your memory to come up with the stories, you still need to put it in a story form that will keep people interested and want to read your work. Otherwise it is not good!

So while I like to have the prompts to maybe help me come up with ideas when I am fresh out, I really do not depend on them for a post. But an idea may spring from a prompt that you may have never had without it,