The Time Mother Was In The Hospital continues…

When I turned around and saw the neighbor standing in her yard looking directly at us, I almost froze in my tracks.  It was such a surprise to have someone catch us in the act of running away, was not my idea of what was supposed to happen.  She continued to stare at us expecting an answer.  We were related to her through my Grandmother and she and her family lived next door, although I really did not know her that well.  Then something came over me and I thought to myself, ‘It’s really none of her business where we were going and why.’  I decided to be nice about it and said, “Oh I am taking the kids for a picnic,” and I waved the bags we had and said, “There’s some goodies here we are going to eat and have a really nice time.”

That seemed to satisfy her and she replied, “You kids have a good time then.”  With a wave she turned and went inside.  I was never so relieved in my life to see her go inside her house.  But I knew she would be sure to tell the Aunts the next time she saw them, but by then it would be too late.  We hurried down the street and headed for home.

It really wasn’t that far but when we reached our house it was a sight for sore eyes and we ran inside and did a little jig.  We were so happy to be home even though it was still a shack in every sense of the word but Mother had made it a comfortable, cozy place and we loved it.  I looked in the ice box and saw that it was empty and not even any ice to keep things cold.  I was wondering what we would eat but then I thought of Mrs. D. and I told the kids to stay inside and I would be back with food.

When our neighbor, Mrs. D. saw me she laughed and said, “Your Mother told me that you were unhappy with your Aunts but I didn’t think you would come home before she did.”  I told her what had happened and that we needed food and ice immediately because we were starving.  Mrs. D. told me to go home with the kids and she would be over shortly with provisions for us.  True to her word, she was there within the hour with food for us, and her husband in tow with a block of ice for the ice box.  She said she would let Mother know and also let my Father know in case he was interested in helping us out.  In addition she said she would come over and stay with us that night and do whatever else it took to keep us comfortable.

Father came by the next day with a bag of cookies and made a big pitcher of lemonade which we loved.  I knew then that everything would be okay and Mother would be home soon.  We also found out from Mrs. D., when she came over that evening after giving her family their supper, that Mother was just fine.  Her tumors were benign and the surgery just removed the tumors, and she would be up and around in no time.

The end.