The Time Mother Was In The Hospital continues…

mother and girls
Mother and four girls, all grown up! circa 1951

I was really miffed about the fact that Aunt Alice was using our Ration Stamps, especially to get sugar and butter, which I was then denied using to make cookies and fudge for us kids.  Anna and I got the other kids together and had a meeting about what to do about it.  We certainly couldn’t wrestle the stamps away from Aunt Alice.  I was not even sure at this point if the other Aunts were aware of what Aunt Alice was doing but it didn’t matter, we decided we had to do something about the situation.  And the sooner the better!

My suggestion was to gather up all our belongings and head for home.  Anna was not too happy with that idea and said that she would not join us if we decided to go home.  Now Anna was a favorite of the Aunts and they treated her better than myself and the younger kids.  She was a happy person and got along with pretty much everyone.  Anna and I usually agreed on most things and got along well as a rule.  But this time I was adamant that we should go home and I knew I could take care of the other kids, but it would be nice to have her with us.  I had taken care of the younger kids on many other occasions, while Mother was at work and Anna was elsewhere.  I also knew that our neighbor, Mrs. D. would help us out as she had on so many other occasions.  Maybe even Paddy, our Father, would come by and help out, of course that was not a given.

Besides, Mother told me when I was visiting her last, that she would be coming home soon, which meant a little over a week.  I got the exact date from Aunt Wynne when she went with me to visit Mother.

So one day when the Aunts were still at work, I gathered Joan and Kay together and told them that we were going home.  They were both surprised and pleased, as they didn’t like it there any more than I did.  I had gotten our things together the night before and put them under the bed, so we were ready to go in no time.  Anna had to stay late to practice for a play she was going to be in.  Everything was in readiness and all conditions were set to go as I herded the kids out the door, carrying our few belongings.

We had just cleared the steps and were walking down the sidewalk, when a voice I recognized called out, “Hey,where are you kids going?”  I froze and the other kids did the same.  I had visions of being caught by the Aunts and confined to our rooms for the rest of the time we were there.

To be continued.