“The Time Mother Was in the Hospital” continues…

mother and anna circa 1929
Mother with Anna

We all managed to get along for several weeks with little or no problems.  Oh there were a few run ins with Aunt Alice correcting Anna and myself for having runny noses and making noises that she couldn’t stand.  But we would try to stay out of her way for the most part.  And we kids did not have as many sweets as we were used to at home.  But we ate well and our clothes were washed and ironed and we attended school on a regular basis.  This was in no small part, due to Aunt Alice being a conscientious person.  Although we didn’t appreciate it at the time.

Aunt Wynne kept us entertained with her antics and stories fictitious and otherwise.  And Aunt Anna liked her ice cream and willingly shared it with us.  So that was all fine and we kids would hold our own meetings of a sort and go over how things were going at the Aunts house.  I knew that Mother had given Aunt Alice money to help pay for our food and treats once in a while.  Nevertheless, I was used to having more sweets, in the form of candy mostly.   I had gotten in the habit of making cookies and even fudge for us kids when we lived at home.  But it was wartime now and Ration Stamps had been instituted and sugar was at a premium.  Also there was a shortage of butter which most people used in those days.  Now those two ingredients were necessary for the cookies and even the fudge.

Up until this time I did not notice where our Ration Stamps were.  But after missing my sweets and after asking Aunt Alice if I could make some cookies or fudge and being promptly refused, I began to wonder where our stamps were.  I asked Anna if she had any idea where they could be and she said that Mother had given them to Aunt Alice to use for whatever we needed.  It seemed that Aunt Alice assumed that she could use the stamps to add to the ones the she had, for whatever she wanted.  I suppose to her way of thinking that was fine and dandy, never mind what we kids wanted.  Now I had a sweet tooth that knew no bounds in those days and when I went with a friend of Mother’s to visit her in the hospital, I complained bitterly about the lack of the stamps to get butter and sugar.

“She wouldn’t even let me make fudge for us even though it is very easy to make and we all love it,”  I groaned.

“Now Marion, you know how your Aunt Alice is, she has to be in control of everybody in the house.  And you kids have to live there now, at least until I get home from the hospital,” Mother was trying to be reasonable.

“Well I don’t like it, and she is not in control of us,”  I blurted out!

Mother made me promise not to cause any trouble with Aunt Alice because we did have to live there for a few more weeks.  It seemed like an eternity though, having to live there with the Aunts using our Ration Stamps.  I didn’t think I could stand it any longer.

To be continued.