To My Dream Reader

I had once read an article in a writer’s magazine and the author was giving advice on how to become a writer.  I don’t recall his name but I do remember that he was a famous writer, having written many best sellers.  He said that when he was writing his novels, he always pictured his little nephew and then he would only write to him.  It made what he was writing very personal since he was directing his words to someone he loved very much.  I read that article a long time ago but it seemed to have stayed with me.

I need to remember it when I am writing although I have not always done so.   I would most likely write with my Mother in mind.  She was a great reader and she read several books each week even into her old age.  My sister, who Mother lived with, said she had to start getting her books from the library, as she couldn’t afford all the books if they were new.

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