Day 14 of NaBloPoMo/My Aunt Anna (cont.)

Anna and MarionWhen Anna came alone to visit, she usually gave my Mother a lot of advice about how to run her life and raise her family.  After she left one day, my Mother groaned and said, “I am so sick of listening to her give me advice.  I wish she would not come so often.”  So being an outspoken ten year old, one day when Anna was at our house and started to give advice to my Mother, I piped up with, “Why don’t you mind your own business and not come over so often?”

Well, Anna was incensed!  She slowly raised her arm, which had an umbrella at the end of it, and approached me.  Her eyes ablaze, her nostrils flaring!  I ducked behind my Mother.  My Mother grabbed Anna’s hand and took the umbrella and asked her to leave.  That was a close call for me and one of the many times my Mother would save me from God knows what!  Anna was insulted and huffed out the door then.  Needless to say, we did not see Anna for awhile after that.  I guess the story became legend in the family as my Uncle John said to me one day when he was visiting, “I heard you told your Aunt Anna off the other day.”  He had a sly grin on his face.

Anna couldn’t stay away too long though, as she loved my Mother’s cooking and she loved to eat.  Months later when she was over for dinner, the main course being pork chops, one of her favorites.  And they of course, had a wonderful aroma especially with onions the way my Mother cooked them.   Anna wasn’t exactly a quiet eater.  So she was going at the chops very noisily and obviously enjoying herself.

When all of a sudden a scream escaped her throat!  Our little kitten had latched onto Anna’s greasy hand and was licking it, the smell of the pork being too much for him to handle.  Anna had put her hand down without wiping the grease off it.  So still screaming and in order to get the cat off,  she shook her hand and the kitten went flying!  The kitten still howling ran outside and confusion reigned for awhile.   Anna had a few scratches on her hand and she was moaning and groaning until Mother put a clean plate in front of her.  Things did settle down after a bit and we all went back to our dinner.  The kitten was okay though, just a little scared but he avoided Anna after that time.

To be continued.

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