Daily Post/Wanting Everything or Wanting Nothing?

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What do you want?

I suppose there is something to be said for either wanting everything or wanting nothing.  Realistically, I think we all know that we can’t have everything as we see when we look at the movie stars with their lives splattered all over the magazines, gossip rags and on the internet.  They would probably like to have their privacy from the media but by the same token, they would not like to give up their lives in the movies, tv, etc.

So they and they families suffer, by not having them around as much as they would like; but the money they earn is so much that they would never be able to give it up.  They already have everything they could ever want, the beautiful homes, the exotic cars. the best food.   Money for the kids to go to college.  And except for the privacy they long for, there is not much else they want or need.  They would be in the ‘want nothing’ category.

On the other hand, there is the average or below average person who is working two jobs or not working at all and maybe collecting unemployment if they are lucky.  These people would be in the ‘want everything category.’  They want a house in a good neighborhood,  and of course a good job making an excellent salary.  Also a job for the wife would be a plus, making a good salary.  They also want a nice car, fairly new because they don’t want big repair bills and enough money to send their kids to college.

So we have the ‘want nothing’ or ‘want everything’ categories.  I am not sure which would be more dangerous.  On the one hand there is always the possibility of losing everything in the ‘want nothing’ people.  They may not be called to a particular movie or TV part that they thought they would surely get.  And things go downhill after that and then they lose their house.  That is a pretty dangerous position to be in.

Whereas the people in the ‘want everything’ category on the other hand, apply for and get much better jobs with really good salaries.  This enables them to finance a larger house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone in the family.  Soon after the kids are accepted into the better colleges and they are all happy as clams.

To sum up then, I think I would rather be in the position of the ‘want everything’ family.  Assuming you have the where with all to keep at it until you get that great job, and then your wife gets an equally good job, both with benefits of course.  There’s probably a bit of luck in there somewhere but keeping a positive attitude and ability to do a good days work would also be helpful.

So I think it would be more dangerous ‘wanting nothing’, because you have nothing to aim for and there’s always the possibility of losing it all!