In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”

Merl amid the posies
Merlin amid the posies. Acrylic painting


If my furniture and other inanimate objects could talk and have feelings, what would I apologize to them for?

Well first I guess I abuse my computer chair the most! I am on it most of the time much to my cat Merlin’s chagrin. He tries to vie for attention first by patting me on the leg, then when that does not work, he puts a little claw into the patting. Then I push him away with a reprimand.

Now to give Merlin a break I must say he is very patient as he does not start this until I’ve been on the computer a few hours. And he also, in addition to wanting my attention he actually wants to sleep on the chair. He also likes to be near the computer for the heat it throw off. It’s gotten so bad, I have even put a hassock next to my chair so he can be close to me and his beloved chair. This works for a while, but soon he is at it again.

And oftentimes, I finally give up and go and do some necessary chore I was supposed to be doing anyway. He is curled up on the chair when I return and often as not, I don’t have the heart to make him get off the chair.

So as far as the chair is concerned I do heartily apologize as it has taken abuse over the years. From both myself and Merlin. In fact, I just had to get a new chair as the old one was worn out. I am still keeping it though and using it at my art board in the bedroom. The chair seems to like it in there, not as much use but always at the ready when necessary!