A Friend on a Desert Island Tra La


Actually, I would choose my daughter to be on a desert island.  Not that I would like her to be there of course but in theory.  I think first and foremost she would need a Starbucks, as she cannot function without her dry, short cappuccino.  If no one else was there, I am sure she could make her own drinks.

Next would be a supply of note books and pens mostly to sketch her little creatures she does a marvelous job with.  In fact, she has made a business out of this which is very profitable.  The next thing would be a supply of reading material, books of all kind to keep her entertained.  Of course a computer and a TV would be essential for watching movies and to keep her business going.  She is an Illustrator and one cannot do that without a computer!

A water purifier would be essential and to make the coffee, and a latte mug would also be nice.  The Starbucks of course would have most of the essentials such as food, goodies etc.

I think that about wraps it up.