30th Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

A photorealistic drawing I did of Roosevelt several years ago.

I decided to carry out Paddy’s orders because he seemed very angry.  So I marched out to where Anna and her friends were standing and gave her the news.  She, of course, was not happy with the orders, especially in front of her friends.  She told me to tell him,”He knows what he can do!”  And she and her friends proceeded to take off, shouting back to me as they were leaving, that they were going to a coke place which was one of our hang outs.  In fact, I had just started working at this place a few weeks ago.

I went back into the house and told Himself what Anna had said, word for word.  I wasn’t very good at thinking things through in those days.  What the heck, I was still just a kid.

Well I thought Paddy would burst a blood vessel as his face got beet red and he couldn’t talk for a few minutes.  I thought it best to leave the scene, so I went upstairs and got ready for bed.  Soon I heard Mother and Himself arguing and it was getting louder and louder.  I heard Anna’s name mentioned several times.  I kept my ear pressed to the floor in case Mother needed me.  In fact, I was falling asleep in that position.  I figured it wasn’t going to  get violent or I think I would have heard the noise.  Paddy wasn’t really a violent man and I only remember one time that I had gotten a beating from him but with his belt.

I had just gotten into bed when Anna came crawling in with me asking me how things were going?  I told her I didn’t know but there had been a lot of loud arguing going on and it was best that she wasn’t there.  We managed to get to sleep and got a few hours in before getting up early for breakfast and facing the music.

The next morning Anna and I hurried and dressed, had some tea and toast, and were out the door before Himself was even up.  He usually got up late because he didn’t have to go to work until 3 pm.  Mother seemed a bit tense but said nothing about the night before so of course neither Anna or myself mentioned anything.

We had decided to meet a few friends early and go to one of our local hang out places for a few hours before we had to be at work.  Mother had no objections to this, in fact it seemed she was anxious to be rid of us.  So Anna and I took off for parts unknown and was glad to get out of the house.

Now Anna’s birthday was drawing near and Mother had promised Anna that she could have a big birthday bash in the cellar.  We called it the cellar even though it was just remodeled a bit so the landlord could rent it out for different business’s.  While we were there it was empty so we used it as a storage area and it was perfect as a party site.  Mother had promised Anna this before Paddy came back to live with us.

There was a lot of animosity between Anna and Patty lately, and he was trying to assert his authority in the house.  So a few days later when he found out about the party, he told Mother that he did not want Anna having the party, since she was behaving so badly towards him.  Mother tried to explain that she had promised Anna she could have the party before he had returned.  But he was adamant that his word would rule and they got into an argument about it.

He made it clear to Mother that if she let Anna have the party, he was leaving!  This was the moment Mother was waiting for because she had been getting pretty sick of him herself.  And after her taking him back, here he was bossing everyone around, including herself, just as though he was our lord and master!  She told him that Anna was having the party and if he didn’t like it, then he could leave!  He did just that, packed his bags and took off and no one but Mother was there to see him go!  I only saw him one time after that and it didn’t end well.

Meanwhile, Anna’s party took place and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.  The food and soft drinks flowed and the dancing to the big bands was heavenly.


I want to thank all my followers, commenters and likers and especially the input I received.  It really helped to know that you were listening to my story and hopefully enjoying it!  There will be more to come in the future and I hope you will be around to read and listen!  So stay tuned!