25th Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

Anna and MarionAfter looking at Anna’s head, Mother and Mrs. D. decided they needed to do something and quickly!  Anna was moaning softly when she actually felt like screaming!  I had slipped out of the house, hoping no one would notice that I was gone.

The women decided that Vasoline would be the thing for Anna’s head.  She had blisters all over her head and they were huge.  Vasoline was good for everything and every family kept a big jar of it on hand.  Mother knew it was good for burns so while Mrs. D. was comforting Anna; Mother was applying the Vasoline.  She was doing it very gingerly.  They were all hoping that the stuff would work miracles so that Anna would be able to perform in the play the next evening.

So with the Vasoline on her blisters and a big towel wrapped around her head, Anna tried to get some sleep that night.  I crept into the house just before dark and everything was quiet.  Mother was not happy with me, even though it was an accident, which I tried to explain, but she was having none of it.  She told me to be quiet so that Anna could sleep and that there was a plate in the oven for my dinner.  So after wolfing down the food, I decided my best plan would be to go to bed and hope for the best.

The next day was cold in our little shack and especially so since it was Winter and a new layer of snow was added during the night.  Mother had kept the fire going though and had hot tea and oatmeal for us before going to school.  Anna was staying home of course while Mother checked her head to see if she would be able to be in the play.  As Anna came downstairs, her eyes were red and swollen from crying, not because she was in pain, although there was some of that too.  She was crying because she was thinking she wouldn’t be able to be in the play.

Then, after checking Anna’s head, Mother announced that her blisters  had gone down and were smaller now and not as red as they had been.  Anna said they weren’t as painful either. Now they had to figure how they would get her hair in shape so that it would be glowing for the play.  Mrs. D. came over early to help come up with an idea to make sure Anna could be in the play.  She suggested they use dry shampoo on her hair and said that she would go to the store and buy some.

Against all odds, Anna appeared in the play that night, a lot of the credit going to Mrs. D., who insisted on going to the play with the family.  The play was a success and Anna’s hair looked very good considering what happened.   “She sang like an angel,” Mother overheard someone in the audience say.  Anna received many compliments that night and was very happy!

It was 1939 and a lot was happening with us, not only did we move to a nicer house, it was a two story duplex and we had an indoor toilet!  There was no actual bathroom with a tub or sink but the indoor toilet was a godsend for us.  We had two bedrooms upstairs with two of us kids in each room.  Mother had to sleep downstairs on the couch but she was used to that.  And the roof did not leak and also the wind did not whistle through the cracks in the walls.  We thought we were in Heaven!

Things were happening in the world also, none of it being good.  Hitler was on the march in Europe and the war drums were getting much louder!  It seemed that Roosevelt and Churchill were constantly in touch now!

 To be continued.