21Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

Paddy was walking on clouds for a long time after Edward was born and the girls were happy to have a brother.  The Christening was held at Grandma’s house Paddy’s Mother of course.  Most everyone in the family was there except for Mother who was not feeling well since having the baby.

After getting baptized Edward made a brief appearance at the party and was taken home to sleep in his crib and also be close to Mother.  She had tried breast feeding and that didn’t work out but he seemed to take to the bottle well.  Mother gave him the bottle and tucked him into his crib. Right after this the children arrived home courtesy of Mother’s sister, Alice.  Alice said she was tired of the party and wanted to go home anyway as she had to get up early to go to work.

The months went by and things between Mother and Father seemed to be going well but Edward was not doing very well.  He wasn’t gaining weight like he was supposed to and at his last doctor’s visit, Mother was told that Edward had soft bones.  The doctor thought it was from Mother not getting enough calcium when she was pregnant.   When he was six months, she had to tie him around the middle with a diaper to keep him from slipping down in the highchair.  Edward was a happy baby but by the time he was a year, he still wasn’t able to stand.

Father blamed Mother for Edward’s health problems.  “It was because she did not eat right and did not drink milk while she was pregnant,” he said.  This of course didn’t help matters, only serving to make Mother more miserable.  She was really worried about Edward, and we kids, young as we were, would try to think of ways to cheer her up.  Nothing seemed to work though.

Then the unimaginable happened, Edward contacted pneumonia plunging us all into a state of shock!  After that, we took turns kneeling around his crib, listening to his raspy breadth, and praying.  Edward wasn’t strong enough to fight off the pneumonia though; it seemed that one day he was there and the next day, he was gone.  And even though I was only seven, I was bargaining with God.  Telling Him what I would do if only He spared Edward.  It was not to be!

To be continued.