13 Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

winifred circa 1928

The next morning came with Winifred coughing and burning up with a fever.  She couldn’t seem to get her breadth and her temperature was 103 degrees!  Mother called the Doctor immediately, while Paddy took care of Anna.  He changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and she seemed to be calm and not crying for a change.  This was good because Mother had her hands full giving Winifred a soothing luke warm bath to help get her temp down.  She was still coughing though and it was not sounding good to Mother.

The Doctor got there in record time because Mother had him worried with not only the temp but the coughing.  He immediately wanted to get Winifred to the hospital.  Paddy only had an old truck so the Doctor said he would drive Winifred and my Mother to the hospital.  They got there making good time as the Doctor knew his way very well and he was if not calm at least steady.

It was determined that Winifred had pneumonia and so she was put into an oxygen tent by several nurses who were bustling about.  Mother sat by the  oxygen tent and continued to worry about Winifred’s raspy breathing.  There were no antibiotics in that day so that was not an option.  The only thing they could do was keep her in the oxygen tent and keep bathing her with cool water to get the temperature down and hope and pray for the best.

Meanwhile at home Father had his hands full with Anna.  He was worried about Winifred but was glad that he didn’t have to go to the hospital.  He had proved himself no good in a crisis many times over the years.  He did not like people leaning on him for anything.  So when Anna was finally down for a nap, he sat  by the radio to hear the latest news, keeping one ear out for the phone call from Mother.

A few hours later Paddy got the phone call from Mother and the news was not good!  Winifred had died about an hour before, but it took Mother that long to pull herself together enough to call him.  It was a fast moving pneumonia, that’s all the doctors would say.  And she was crying so much, Mother had to get off the phone and go and be alone with her grief.

Father was crying also but not so much that he couldn’t call and tell his Mother the news, and she was upset but said she would let the rest of the family know.  She also offered to have the Wake and Funeral from her house, saying that would make it easier for Mother.  When Mother found out about the offer, she scoffed and said that Grandma always did like a party no matter the reason, especially if there was food and drink involved.

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