8th Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

Anna and Marion

Note to all who are following:  So sorry I forgot to publish this (Nov. 8th) yesterday.  I had it all ready early and just forgot to hit the publish button!

Mother managed to get a few jobs cleaning house which was hard and she would come home from work completely exhausted.  But overall we were doing well especially since we had the extra income coming in.  It helped pay for the coal and and clothes and shoes we needed, not to mention snow boots in the winter.  We lived in the Snow Belt and in Winter it never stopped snowing.

One day Mother got notice from the Welfare Department.  She had to attend a hearing about whether or not our monthly allotment was going to be cut off.  Even though it was hard to get to the hearing, Mother made sure she attended.   After taking a Street Car and then a bus to get there, she was very anxious.  She was sweating profusely and her heart was beating rapidly.  She was directed to a room where her usual worker and another woman were sitting at a long table.  They asked her to be seated at the other end of the table.

She later told us she felt tiny sitting at that big table and she also felt guilty for some reason.  The women proceeded to question her about whether she was working or not.  She told them honestly that she had done some house cleaning for a few people as the amount she was receiving was not enough to take care of all her bills.  The taller woman with the gray hair and beady eyes seemed to be boring a hole into her head and Mother immediately got a headache.

As it turns out Paddy, our Father had reported her to the Welfare people for working.  The nice woman who was her usual worker said that she would be cut off Welfare starting immediately but would continue to get the commodities.  Mother pleaded with them not to do it but to no avail.  They said their hands were tied and they could do nothing about it.  But she could appeal the decision.  So she filled out the paperwork to get the appeal going because without the money she was receiving, Mother did not know how we were going to make it.

On the way home Mother was thinking about Himself and how he could have reported her, knowing there was a possibility we would be cut off or at least be in trouble and not be able to pay the bills.  While he sat warm and comfy at his mother’s house.  She wondered if his Mother knew about this.  Well she was going to get to the bottom of it!

5 thoughts on “8th Day of NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

  1. sketched – My Mother had some other choice names for him but I don’t think cad was one of them. Good word though.


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