5th Day of November/NaBloPoMo/Growing Up

President Franklin D.The party was off to a slow start and guests were arriving in small groups.  My Mother was rested and had the food set out and everything looked delicious.  The baby was cooperating by sleeping and only waking for her bottle, then going back to sleep.

Anna and I were really enjoying ourselves by eating as much as we could especially of the desserts.  And we also enjoyed all the compliments we were getting like, “Oh your girls are so cute with the beautiful blond hair and blue eyes!”  And of course we enjoyed being bounced around by our Grandfather.

Only Grandfather Glennon, my Father’s father was there, Grandfather Harkins, my Mother’s Father was killed in a coal mine accident some years before.  Both Grandmothers had elected not to attend for whatever reason.  So it was mostly the aunts and uncles and some of Father’s friends from work.  Other teachers and their boyfriends or husbands.

As it was getting later and the booze was flowing the party got louder and louder.  By this time Anna and myself had been tucked into bed, sleeping soundly.  And the baby was still being good by only waking when she was either wet or wanted a bottle.

I found out much later that Paddy and some of his teacher friends had a bit too much to drink and had gotten on the table and were doing the Charleston.  Which was very much in vogue at that time.  Fortunately, there was only one cop in the small town and no one ever called the cop on you for making a little too much noise in those days.

Of course Himself and Mother did get into a heated argument after everyone had left because of the way he and his friends had acted.   When they were dancing on the table they decided to sing also and this finally did wake the baby, who promptly started screaming causing my Mother to go to her and spend time rocking her to calm her down.  Mother told Himself that his friends would have to leave and in fact the party was over.

So of course the next day no one was speaking to each other.

To be continued.



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