Nov. 3, 2014/3rd day of NaBloPoMo/GROWING UP

mother and anna circa 1929First I want to thank all my Followers!  I really do appreciate your following me and I will try to keep it interesting.

Second let me say that I came down with chills and aches plus a sore throat today and frankly forgot to get my blog out.  I will be up and running tomorrow.

I will leave you with a short story to keep things interesting.



My Mother was a character!  In addition to cooking and baking and telling us stories she could be pretty fierce sometimes.  Maybe because she had to  be both Mother and Father to us all.  And of course I would get in trouble from time to time being the second oldest and wanting my own way.  So when I did something that made her angry, she would tell me to go out to the yard and get a branch off one of the smaller trees.  More like a bush.  These made the best switches and it would hurt like the dickens when you got hit with one of them.

So being the good little girl that I was, I would go out to the yard and pretend I was going to get a switch.  Now my sisters would do it, bring her a switch.  But I thought if I didn’t come back I wouldn’t get switched.  So I would take off and go and play with some of my friends and not come back until she had cooled off and usually that worked.  And sometimes it didn’t.  Did I mention she didn’t have a very good memory.