29th Day of NaBloPoMo/The Return


At first when Dad moved in things were strained and this lasted for several weeks before the thaw began at least between Jenny and Dad.  He seemed to be making a real effort to win her over.  She still didn’t trust him by any stretch of the imagination but at least she was civil to him and even downright friendly sometimes.  Kate began noticing this and called Jenny on it.  They actually quarreled about it a few times.  Kate was very independent and did not want to quit her job and go back to school.  She had more independence this way working and bringing in money to help out.  If she went back to school she would have no leverage in the situation and Dad would be in charge.  Mom sure was being nice to him, letting him make all the decisions about pretty much everything.  It wasn’t like Mom.  She was pretty independent and no one told her what to do but with Dad here things changed dramatically.

Usually after dinner was over now and the dishes were cleared away, Dad would open a beer, and settle down to tell his war stories to anyone willing to listen.  Mom was not interested after the first few times so he would invite his brother Joe over with the promise of a few beers and regale him with the stories.  Jenny had taken to sitting with them and listening to the stories, some of which she found fascinating.  Once in a while Dad would even offer her a small glass of beer.  She of course never refused it and even began to like it.  And as time went on she became “one of the boys.”

Jenny found herself liking him in spite of herself but she could see that Kate was not happy about the situation.  She had her own friends and a boyfriend who didn’t come around so much now that Dad was here.  Dad started inviting a few more friends over and they even started playing cards.  This was one or two nights a week now and even Mom seemed to be bothered by having the “boys” over so much.  Jenny it seemed was the only one who liked sitting in and being considered one of the gang.

One night when Kate came home from work, she worked until 10 pm, she stayed out in front of the house and was talking and laughing with her friends.  She was out there about 30 minutes when Dad told Jenny to go out and tell Kate that it was time to come into the house now as it was late and to send her friends home.  So Jenny thinking nothing about it went out and said to Kate, “Dad said that you were to come in now as it is late and tell your friends to leave.”

“Well you can tell him I will do whatever I want and will come in whenever I want.  I don’t have to listen to him!” Kate turned and motioned to her friends to follow as they started walking away from the house.

Of course Jenny went back into the house and told Dad exactly what Kate had said.   As she was telling him she noticed the vein in his temple was pulsating.   He went to get Mom and she could hear them arguing in the other room.

To be continued