25th Day of NaBloPoMo/The Laundromat cont.


When John awoke his tongue felt thick and fuzzy and smelled like a small animal had taken a dump in there.  His head was throbbing to beat the band and it dawned on him that he was not at home in his own bed.  The walls here were a stark white and a large woman was standing by the bed frowning down on him.  “Do I know you, he croaked?”

“”Not yet you don’t but will you will soon learn to to not only know me but to love me as much as you love your own Mother.”

John doubted this very much but wasn’t about to argue with this large, formidable looking woman .

“Hmm, he mumbled, can I possible get something for this God awful pain,”he asked?

“This is where the love comes in.”  This woman had a sense of humor but you could not tell that by her facial expression.

“It was touch and go whether you were going to wake up today,” she was smiling now for some reason.

“Really,” he croaked.  ‘Can’t seem to get my voice under control,’ he mused to himself.

“What exactly happened, I know I was driving  last I remembered and now here I am.”

“The doctor will be in shortly to talk to you.  So in the meantime, why don’t you try to get a little more sleep and then I will wake you for breakfast.”  Sounded like an order to him even though she was being pleasant now.

“But I can tell you that you were in an accident and the other fellow is just fine, a few cuts and bruises is all.”

“Of course,” he muttered under his breadth.

John tried to remember the accident but everything was a blur and his head throbbed when he tried to recall things.  He did remember that he was thinking of Alice right before the  crash. ‘I wonder if she’s been notified,’ he thought. Oh of course not, how would they even know her name or number to call her, he had not listed it anywhere in his address book and he was out of it up until now.  He had better call and let her know as soon as possible.  She would be wondering what happened to him.

John fell asleep after getting something for the pain and when he woke, the doctor was there.   After John’s questions about his broken and fractured bones the doctor explained what was broken and how long it would take to heal.  He would be out of commission for some time so the doctor gave him some referrals of people who were caregivers until he could get back on his feet, literally.  He would be needing someone to live in clean and cook his meals and drive him to doctor’s appointments also.  ‘God what a mess,’ John thought.  ‘Why did this have to happen to me?’

After a few days he felt good enough to call Alice and let her know what was going on.  She was very concerned and wanted to come to see him right away but he made her promise to wait until he was in a little better shape and wasn’t just a moaning blob of flesh crying for pain medication.  So when she did come he had just found out he would be released in a few days but that he needed someone at home when he got there to make sure everything was running smoothly and could take care of him properly.  So while his arm was in a cast and he had a few ribs taped, he still had one good arm and he could walk.  So he wasn’t completely disabled and he knew he would recover quickly.  Alice was making a fuss over him and seemed very concerned that he was comfortable.

“Now John I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I would like to come over and take care of you while you are recuperating.  I checked at work and they are willing to work around me if I am off for awhile and I can do some phone work from your house but I will be there whenever you need me.  What do you think?”

“Well Alice, it’s a great offer, but I don’t want you putting yourself through that.  You have your own life and I don’t want to interfere with that.”

“You would not be interfering with anything.  I would be more than happy to take care of you during this time at least until you are back on your feet and can do everything for yourself.”

So two days later when John was released from the hospital, Alice was there to pick him up.  She drove him home and got him settled on the couch with pillows and a blanket and then set about making him some lunch.  She had gone to the grocery store and got in some provisions the day before.  Within minutes it seemed, she had a bowl of hot vegetable soup and a turkey sandwich on a tray in front of him.

“You know Alice I could get used to this real fast.  Better not pamper me too much or you’ll create a monster.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you John,” her voice was deep and there was a tear rolling down her cheek.

“As a matter of fact there is,”  He motioned for her to sit next to him on the couch.  With his good arm, he pulled her closer and kissed her.

“Well you are certainly feeling pretty frisky Mister, for someone who is just out of the hospital.  You know I think I will charge you for nursing you back to health but I’ll throw in the kisses for nothing,” she smiled seductively.

John thought to himself, ‘maybe having that accident wasn’t so bad after all.’