Day 11 of NaBloPoMo/Favorite Movie

When Harry Met Sally


If I were stuck in a movie theater I would pick the movie, “When Harry Met Sally.”  I just love this movie!  I have watched this movie so many times that I have lost count.  Really!  I do not know how many times I have watched it.  And I am still willing to watch it again.  And even though I know practically all the lines of all the actors, it never gets old.  I wonder if there’s anyone else out there that either loves this movie or one like it and never tires of watching it.

One reason I like it so much is there’s no violence in it.  And very little to none of the bad language we hear all too much in popular  movies today.  And no nudity!  Now those things in themselves would turn a lot of people off.  Or so they think.  But I bet the same people would love this movie!  It’s just that kind of movie.  Of course there’s no flies on Billy Crystal or Meg Ryan either.  They do have a lot of chemistry in this movie.  And the music is so upbeat, it makes you want to dance!  I know, I know, it’s old music but nevertheless, it is great music and moves the movie right along.

It’s of course a love story but not a sickeningly sweet one.  There are plenty of arguments and on again off again romancing to keep you guessing.  You wonder if these two are ever going to get together.  And they do.  But not until after a lot of funny, agonizing, crazy things go on.  Oh and did I mention laughs?  Laughs and laughs and more laughs!  Laughing is what you will be doing throughout this movie.  And what’s not to like about laughing?  I hear it is very healing.

I used to watch this movie right before going to sleep and always had a good sleep.  Really!  I have a video, a DVD and sometimes it comes on TCM and I even watch it on there!  I know, you are saying to yourself “that’s over the top.”  And really I guess you would be right.  But it is not often you can find a movie that does what many or most movies do not do.  Entertain!  Just pure and simple entertainment.  And isn’t that what movies are supposed to do?