Day 8 of NaBloPoMo


I remember from the time that I was very young being a nightowl!  I always wanted to stay up later than anyone else but was usually admonished. with the words,”you have to get up for school!”  I would chaff at this but usually would comply because I did not want to be in any more trouble than I already was, especially with my Mother.  Mother was a fearsome woman and she could wield a stick with the best of them.  And getting to school on time was another deadline you didn’t want to miss.  Especially with the nuns waiting for any stragglers at the schoolroom door.  Now they could meet out the punishment!  Fortunately, I was a skinny kid and probably looked pathetic to them, because I do not remember them dishing out any punishment to me even when I was late.

But I did manage to stay  up late as often as I could, usually hiding under the covers with a flashlight reading a book.  Which would, as my Mother would later tell me, cause me to have “bad” eyes.  I always had to wear glasses or at least from the age of seven.  Which were no end of pain and shame. But stay up late I did and still do.  I don’t know if I feel like I am getting away with something, being up when everyone else is asleep?  Or if I just get a vicarious thrill for whatever reason?  I do know that if I get to sleep before 12, midnight or one a.m., something seems wrong and then my whole day is thrown off. Or night as the case may be.

So now I stay up late reading with the light on and no one says a word about it!  Of course my two cats are very understanding.