“Time” for Obama

This week’s word for Illustration Friday is “time.” I did this cartoon of Obama during the primaries. I think it fits the word “time.” It is his time now and hopefully he can take us through this crisis much as FDR did during the Depression of the thirties. Hopefully it won’t take as long.


4 thoughts on ““Time” for Obama

  1. Amen, its time for Obama, it’s Obama’s time please country give our new President a chance to bring us out of what the last President did to us.


  2. Great idea for “Time!” It certainly is about time we had a thoughtful, intelligent president that cares about the people. Now let’s hope the stimulus package gets passed without having it’s legs cut off and here’s hoping it’s given a chance to work!

    Love your cartoon in color!


  3. Thanks sketched. With the Republicans out there grandstanding and playing politics as usual, hopefully they can pass a decent stimulus and it will work.


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