Is anyone paying to what the third party candidates, Ralph Nader and Bob Barr are saying? Certainly not the big media outlets. The only thing they are reporting on is the gaffes by Joe Biden or the lies of Sarah Palin and John McCain. Of course there is the comments of Obama and McCain saying what they would do about everything from “lipstick on a pig” to the financial collapse in this country. And not much in the way of intelligent input at that.

Of course the big media, owned and operated by the billionaires, who most likely were part of the reason for the financial collapse in this country are doing all they can to bolster the view that the government should bail the large financial institutions and insurance companies who created this mess in the first place. No wonder the public at large does not know what to think of the latest “news” we are being force fed by the media and the politicians.

Maybe we should listen to the Third Party candidates who really don’t have a prayer of getting elected, therefore they are probably trying to tell us a closer version of the truth than the candidates or the large media outlets and the radical radio commentators.

Here is a link(which probably no one has or will read) from the lips of Ralph Nader and Bob Barr. May be worth a listen. <a Nader,Barr and Paul: \'Told you so\'

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