It seems that John McCain may have a more than passing interest in the Georgian crisis than may be apparent. There seems to be a lack of information coming from the press/media coverage in the U.S. of the crisis and the fact that apparently Georgia was responsible for the starting the conflict. An article in the Anchorage Daily News recently suggests a connection to the many phone calls from Senator John McCain to Georgian officials and the outbreak of “war” in the area.

An “October Surprise” which has affected the U.S. presidential election in the past and may or may not affect the 2008 election. Vice President Cheney has just made a visit to Georgia to assure that country that the United States is standing by in case they need our help. In the news today, the U.S. is giving Georgia one Billion dollars to help rebuild their country. I wonder who we borrowed the money from to give it to Georgia?

Here is another link to an interesting story on Cindy McCain’s visit to Georgia recently: 9NEWS.com

And another link on the story:  SCO Shanghai, Medvedev-Hu Jintao

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