Lost in a fog of cigarette smoke.

The word for Illustration Friday for this week is “foggy.” Most of you don’t remember Peter Lorre, an actor from the 40’s who appeared in a lot of movies of the era. One of which was “Casablanca.” Bet you remember now. He always played a bad character or “weasel.” How could he miss with those eyes and that face eh? Oh and yeah he always had a cigarette either in his mouth or was in the act lighting one. He always played his characters to the hilt and you always believed him.

8 thoughts on “Lost in a fog of cigarette smoke.

  1. Love this drawing. Like the lines and you’ve caught this wonderful actor perfectly as well as the atmosphere of all those lovely old films, which I remember vividly. I’d watch them all again. Great.


  2. Thanks conniemartin for your positive comments. Yes he was a good actor. He could certainly play those roles in the ‘film noir’to the hilt.


  3. I remember Peter Lorre, he was great. He played a good guy in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, one of my favorites.

    Great drawing, nice shading and a good likeness of Mr. Lorre.


  4. Thanks Ryan. I didn’t see Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea but saw many other movies with Peter including The Maltese Falcon with Bogart. They also were together in Casablanca.


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