This week’s word for Illo. Friday is “WORRY.”

When I learned that the word for this week for Illustration Friday was “worry,” I immediately thought of the person you see in this sketch. So I did a quick graphite sketch of him. In fact, I think his face should be in the dictionary next to the word. Of course he may, in real life not do that much worrying but he certainly looks like a worrier. What do you think? And see if you can guess who it is. Have fun.

8 thoughts on “THE FACE OF WORRY.

  1. Hee hee, it’s totally Woody Allen! Great likeness… and yes, I agree, he has the face of a worrier. He certainly writes about and plays an array of neurotic characters. It would be heard to believe he wasn’t, at least a little bit, like those characters.

    Good job, great take on the theme.


  2. You could already tell it’s Woody Allen as the eyebrows scrolled into view! Good portrait and yes, reading the critics, he should be worried!


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