RED FLOWERHere we go again. The happy season is upon us once again. Christmas! We shop for weeks or longer, have parties, watch all the old movies depicting the holidays as a joyful time. And all the while hoping to get that Christmas feeling.

In reality most of us are griping about having to spend money we don’t have, buying presents for people we don’t like and in general feeling vaguely like we have been had. And basically we have been. By the big corporations, blasting us with their goods and services. All at supposedly reduced prices and new toys we just have to have or our kids have to have. Not to mention most of the toys are made in China and loaded with lead which can cause brain damage in our children.

Meantime the big wigs at these corporations are rubbing their hands in glee at all the money they are making.

When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee and start saving our money. Make a few homemade toys or gifts and let the moneylenders and sellers go to blazes. Anyway that’s my take on things. Merry Christmas.